Aquarium operation

Aquarium operating company, established in 2015, absorbed a number of experienced, curator of the aquarium industry, biological breeding technology backbone, opening operation services, provide customers with the aquarium in large Marine transport, aquaculture, etc, has accumulated rich experience, made han yu group into a Marine theme park planning design and construction and all-round service operations.
Operations by many sets of the aquarium by operations management files and sea creatures breeding materials: 1, the system of safety operation procedures and management in the big pool water gravity recoil operation process of the large, expensive biological measures for the administration of the bait action processing regulation "bait room management system" the bait feeding operation procedures, the system of epidemic prevention disinfection in the location process the precious biological daily care and disease treatment regulations "the diving" the mermaid workflow the sustenance system equipment maintenance procedures; "Jellyfish breeding technology", "coral breeding technology, the large freshwater fish breeding technology" hippocampus breeding technology "" hippocampus breeding technology" "shark feeding technology" "whale sharks feed technology" "turtle breeding technology" sunfish breeding techniques etc.


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