Hanyue design group (HAD) is a group company with years of planning, design and construction experience in tourist area and theme park area. Group consists of han yu Shanghai architectural design firm, organic glass production factory, aquarium operating company, landscape decoration engineering company, han yu design in recent years committed to the Marine culture theme tourism project investment, design, construction, building the world's leading Marine culture tourist class design operation consulting firm.

In 2012, Shanghai hanyu invested in the construction of large acrylic glass factories in China, providing a strong construction support for the construction of the aquarium. Aquarium operating company, established in 2015, absorbed a number of experienced, curator of the aquarium industry, biological breeding technology backbone, opening operation services, provide customers with the aquarium in large Marine transport, aquaculture, etc, has accumulated rich experience, made han yu group into a Marine theme park planning design and construction and all-round service operations.

Hanyu has been insisting on the return of investment as a starting point for the project. To put forward the design and construction plan that exceeded customer expectations as the basic principle of work; In order to improve the production and construction process and the meticulous and comprehensive service as the life of enterprise development.

We are willing to contribute to China's theme culture tourism industry and the development of the Chinese children's intellectual interest.

The group business


Architectural design
Aquarium operation
Virtual technology


  • Business research and feasibility report

    We provide an excellent after-sale service system for investors in design, equipment, materials, construction, etc., please see the details of the product and construction quality assurance.

  • Overall planning and conceptual design

    We are currently providing services for Marine and ocean restaurant operations.

  • Expand and deepen the design

    We provide design and construction management team on site services; In the theme park landscape engineering construction, we can directly involved in the aquarium acrylic glass production installation

  • Project construction and management

    The preliminary design is to provide a more economical and scientific construction solution for the investors based on the design of the project, laying the foundation for the design of the constructio

  • Operations management

    The overall planning and conceptual design are based on the feasibility analysis, and the design concept of advanced design is put forward. Designing solutions that are exciting and achievable for inve

  • After-sales service

    Accurate market research and scientific feasibility report are essential to the success of the project. Our business research is divided into: the preliminary market investigation and research populati


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