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Feng kun, group design director, architect

With more than 10 years of design experience, he has extensive experience in landscape planning, urban business complex, theme park and hotel design. Mr Feng main works include yalong bay coastal landscape zone planning and design, daughter enshi city planning and architectural design polar ocean world, an yue bo le Marine park design, Shanghai hui Yang square, Seattle Artemis hotel CDB, haikou, sanya, rhett's restaurant, planning to extend campus of Shanghai university, his development of han yu (HAD) has outstanding contribution.

Chestnut, the manager of the research and development depart

Has more than 15 years of aquatic engineering management experience, installed in the large acrylic, aquarium tunnel and aquarium sustenance system research and development installation, aquarium waterproof aquarium key difficulties in the process of building a strong control ability. To be responsible for the production and installation of acrylic glass. Mr LiHui is responsible for the project are: Inner Mongolia region aquarium acrylic and sustenance system equipment installation engineering, enshi city daughter polar ocean world acrylic and sustenance system equipment installation engineering, sanya love cubic acrylic and sustenance system equipment installation engineering, etc. Mr. Chestnut made outstanding contributions to the design and construction of han yu.

Feng hao, ministry of commerce and engineering manager

Good management experience and strong execution. Mr Feng is good at understanding investors' intentions and formulating detailed work plans and project solutions. Mr Feng Hao is responsible for the project are: Shanghai university yanchang campus planning, vancouver movie college, sanya love cubic water park, Shanghai second industrial university campus reformation, wuhan old ghost ecological science and technology park, etc.

Xiong yanhua, director of project design

Have been engaged in interior design work for nearly 10 years, have unique insight in hotel design, indoor amusement park. Mr Xiong Yanhua major works are: green river's bridge, hefei fu xi's hotel and wuxi have jiangnan landscape planning, and mouth repair ancient buildings, the king of the forest children's paradise.

Zheng fen, director of landscape design

Have been engaged in landscape design for nearly 10 years, have rich experience in the design of scenic spot planning, characteristic town, theme business block and so on. Ms zheng has successfully designed the theme commercial block of shenzhen longgang 100 square, the landscape planning of the four seasons of huanggang, the planning of the hongguang hot spring resort hotel.

Chen wenxuan, artistic director

She has a great talent in theme park 5D movies, ball screen movies, movie screens, VR animation, and production. Presided over the development of the project are: tianjin fant annulus, guiyang happy world 5 d movie film production, taian sun tribe annulus, hubei expo film production development, such as a series of large-scale theme park sources like making work.

Ye seashore, the director of research and development of the

Mr Ye has extensive experience in designing and developing system design and development. He dolphins in whale sharks pavilion, pavilion, the white whale the large sea creatures such as the water environment simulation, for system design and the construction has the original opinion, and always adhere to work in the first line, on-site production installation project construction management through the following ticket system: Qingdao haichang polar ocean world, shenzhen ocean world, tianjin polar ocean world aquarium, fushun, Hawaii, nanchang wanda sea world, etc.

Zhang peng, director of design and performance

Have rich experience in VR virtual reality, design effect simulation, animation production and so on. The good design concept needs to give the investor and the creative person the actual manifestation, provides the precise positioning for the investment judgment of the investor.

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