• Business research and feasibility report

    Accurate market research and scientific feasibility report are essential to the success of the project. Our business research is divided into: the preliminary market investigation and research population, consumption habits and consumption level research, competitor research, traffic investigation and research of sustainable development. After scientific marketing research we provide scientific feasibility report including: basic orientation, project construction cost estimate books, late operation cost estimate, ticket positioning and operating income, etc.

  • Overall planning and conceptual design

    The overall planning and conceptual design are based on the feasibility analysis, and the design concept of advanced design is put forward. Designing solutions that are exciting and achievable for investors to choose from.

  • Expand and deepen the design

    The preliminary design is to provide a more economical and scientific construction solution for the investors based on the design of the project, laying the foundation for the design of the construction drawings. Han yu has cooperated with many well-known design companies in China, and has been familiar with all kinds of Chinese government process, providing consultation service to the owner.


  • Project construction and management

    We provide design and construction management team on site services; In the theme park landscape engineering construction, we can directly involved in the aquarium acrylic glass production installation, production and installation, aquarium aquarium sustenance system waterproof construction, amusement and 5 d part of the development of science and technology and installation work.

  • Operations management

    We are currently providing services for Marine and ocean restaurant operations.

  • After-sales service

    We provide an excellent after-sale service system for investors in design, equipment, materials, construction, etc., please see the details of the product and construction quality assurance.

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